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Founding Donors

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No organization can thrive without a dedicated inner circle of supporters who donate their time, money, and energy to the group's common mission and goals.


At the Foundation for Nursing Advancement in Massachusetts, these generous initial supporters, who gave $100 or more, are our "Founding Donors," and although our gratitude goes much deeper than mere words can convey, we want to recognize their crucial contributions on this page.


From the time of our founding in late 2020 through our first year to the end of 2021, these Founding Donors provided the critical support for FNAMA's success.

FNAMA Founding Donors

Ruth Almador

Donna Begin

Barbara Blakeney

Myra Cacace

Christopher Caulfield

Roger Chisari

Joan Clifford

Monica and Wade Collins

Casey Crawford

Julie Cronin

Laura Duff

Sharon George

Jeanne Gibbs

Donna Glynn

Mary Grant

Lynne Hancock

James Kernan

Nirva Lafontant

Susan LaRocco

Barbara Madden

Diane F. Mahoney

Mary Manning

Silda Melo

Regina Mood

Rosemary Mortimer

Sarah Pasternack

Gayle Peterson

Theresa Przybylowicz

Janet Ross

Christina Saraf

Christine Schrauf

Margie Sipe

Tara Tehan

Carmela Townsend

Eleanor Vanetzian

Annette Wysocki

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