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Project ECHO on Racism in Nursing

Project ECHO® on Racism in Nursing aims to examine the impact of racism on nurses, patients, communities, and healthcare systems and to motivate all nurses to confront systemic racism. Through ECHO®, the National Commission is offering 8 free, one-hour tele-mentoring sessions that connect nurses with subject matter experts using brief lectures and case-based learning and discussion.

The National Commission’s Project ECHO® on Racism in Nursing will serve as a forum for nurses to increase their knowledge about how racism “shows up” in the profession and in healthcare and improves the skills needed to confront systemic racism and empowers nurses to become allies.

Registration for the first ECHO on Racism in Nursing session in March is now closed, but stay tuned and get ready to sign up next spring for the July 2022 session. For more information, click here.

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