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FAQs and General Instructions
for Scholarship Submissions

Deadline to submit applications has been extended to MONDAY, 1/15/2024 at midnight.   Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes, you can apply for more than one scholarship.  A separate application must be submitted for each scholarship being applied for. Individuals will only be awarded one scholarship.

What is a successful essay?

Please submit a clear, concise and well written narrative (up to 500 words) that identifies clear education and career goals and strategies for achieving them, demonstrates a strong work ethic and excitement/ passion for the nursing profession, outlines relevant experiences/activities, demonstrates a strong motivation to succeed and how the funding will be used to support achievement of those goals.

Document MUST be submitted as a PDF. Include your name on the top right hand corner only/do not include your name in the narrative response. Do not scan form or submit as a picture.

Do I need to meet all of the eligibility criteria listed on the application form?


Who should I ask to write a letter of support?

Please be thoughtful in your selection of an individual to write a letter of support.  The writer should be able to speak to your ability and potential to contribute to nursing/ success in the nursing profession.. This could be a faculty member, manager, or RN colleague. It is strongly suggested that you do NOT ask relatives or classmates to write this letter.

I submitted my application but want to change one of my answers.

Only applicable if it is a significant change.  Please contact or call 617-990-2856. You may need to resubmit your application in its entirety.

Why do I need to submit supporting documents as PDFs?

All Attachments must be uploaded/submitted electronically in PDF format with your scholarship application.  Pictures/images are not acceptable formats (jpg, bmp, etc.) as they are often blurry/illegible and are not official documents required to determine eligibility.

Can I submit my application even though I don’t have my supporting documents?

No.  You can save all applications in process but cannot submit without all required documents.  Blank or illegible documents will not be accepted and may render your application ineligible for consideration.


How do I get verification of enrollment? Is my transcript sufficient?

Please note only official university verification accepted (no screen shots). Please contact your school’s registrar and request verification of enrollment or the admissions office for a copy of acceptance letter if not yet matriculated.


For additional information on how to create PDFs from other file types, please visit:

Create PDF files | Adobe Acrobat

You can merge and combine PDFs online for free:

Merge PDFs online for free | Adobe Acrobat

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